Incito (in. kee. tow) is a latin term defined as 'to inspire.'

We believe our purpose as educators is to influence learners to think and be responsible with respect, trust, and love. It is our priority and promise to inspire and provide our learners with daily opportunities to obtain extraordinary amounts of achievement and success. We LOVE what we do and desire to teach the next generation to discover their passion and ultimately deepen their purpose in the world around them. The value of Incito's educational program pivots around our integrity, competence, and performance skills. We produce high levels of academic success and achievement, thus providing a superior education!  



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Curriculum & Instruction

Discover how our curriculum is designed to ensure that all learners have meaningful options for life and succeed academically, physically, and socially.

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Incito Schools has been awarded the 21st century grant by the Arizona Department of Education.  Incito is proud to partner with the Arizona Department of Education to offer enhanced learner programing.