2019-2020 Open Enrollment

Visit or call the Goodyear location to enroll in Incito Schools-Goodyear. Contact our Operations Manager tayler.ross@ incitoschools.org or call 623-398-6968.

Visit or call the Phoenix location to enroll in Incito Schools- Phoenix. Contact our Operations Manger robert.dacey@incitoschools.org or call 623-217-1772.

All completed enrollment packets will need to be delivered in person to 877 N. Sarival Ave. Goodyear, AZ 85338 or 1301 E. Almeria Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85006

Tayler Ross - Operations Manager (Goodyear Location)

Tayler Ross - Operations Manager (Goodyear Location)

Robert Dacey - Operations Manager (Phoenix Location)

Robert Dacey - Operations Manager (Phoenix Location)


Thank you for giving us the opportunity to inspire your learner. You may complete all forms in this packet and return them with the additional documents listed below. Only completed packets will be accepted, during our scheduled open enrollment times, for your learner to be eligible for Incito Schools’ open enrollment and lottery.

  • Registration Form

  • Withdrawal Form – please provide a withdrawal form from the last school your learner attended (K-8th)

  • Copy of ONE of the following; your child’s Birth Certificate, baptismal certificate, application for a social security number, authorized letter from a custodial agency OR other reliable proof of your learner’s identity and age.

    • Pursuant to ARS 15-828

  • Custody/Guardianship Papers (if applicable) – a copy will be made

  • Copy of your child’s most current and up to date Immunization Records – a copy will be made

    • All students entering Arizona public schools are required by law to be immunized. Proof of immunizations or a signed waiver is required at the time of enrollment. These records must include the name of your child, the birth date, the type of vaccine administered, and the month, day and year of each immunization. (ARS 15-872)

  • Screening Form to Determine History of Chickenpox

  • Health History Form

  • Emergency Contact Form

  • McKinney – Vento Assistance Questionnaire

  • Arizona Residency Documentation Form

  • Copy of Proof of Residency – acceptable documents are listed on the Arizona Residency Documentation Form

    • Pursuant to ARS 15-802b, schools are required to obtain and maintain documentation which verifies Arizona residency upon enrollment. This documentation must be provided each time a student enrolls and will be reaffirmed annually. Proof of Residency should be in accordance with the guidelines adopted by the Department of Education which can include:

      • Valid Arizona Driver's License, Arizona Identification Card

      • Valid Arizona motor vehicle registration

      • Valid United States passport

      • Property deed

      • Mortgage documents

      • Property tax bill

      • Rental agreement or lease

      • Utility bill

      • Bank or credit card statement

      • W-2 wage statement

      • Payroll stub

      • Certificate of tribal enrollment

      • Other documentation from a state, tribal, or federal agency

      • Affidavit of Shared Residence (if applicable)

      • Home Language Survey

      • Parent Authorization for Release of School Records

This completed packet enrolls your learner with Incito Schools based on availability. You will receive a separate registration packet that is required to finalize your learner’s registration.


  • All completed enrollment packets will need to be delivered in person during one of the scheduled enrollment dates at 877 N. Sarival Ave Goodyear, AZ 85338.

  • Parents must complete an enrollment packet in the spring to constitute actual enrollment for the following school year. Failure to submit the enrollment packet by the school's deadline will result in the non-enrollment of the student.

  • Incito Schools does not have admissions standards, but students may be required to participate in summer school and enrichment programs in order to adequately prepare for academic requirements and goals.

  • Kindergartners must turn five by September 1 of the year for which they are applying in order to enroll. If a student’s birthday is between September 2 and October 31 the student will be assessed according to social and academic readiness and may be approved for enrollment.


  • If, for any grade level, the number of applicants exceeds the number of openings, there will be a lottery to determine enrollment and waitlist numbers. Only enrollment packets submitted during the OPEN ENROLLMENT PERIOD are included within that lottery pool. Lotteries will be held in March, and results will be available to view in mid-March (dates pending for both events).

  • Enrollment packets received after the OPEN ENROLLMENT PERIOD are processed on a first-come, first-served basis, with applicants either being offered enrollment or being placed on the waitlist in the order that the enrollment packet was submitted.

  • If lottery results indicate that your student has earned a spot at Incito Schools, or when your student's waitlisted application reaches the top of the waitlist and a spot becomes available, the school will call you immediately. If a family rejects or does not respond to an offer of enrollment, their application is removed from our system. That family must reapply if they wish to enroll in a future year.

  • You may move up or down on the list. Don't be too worried if you move down a few spots; this occasionally happens. For example, a 1st grade learner is called from the waitlist because someone declined a spot. The 1st grader has a sibling who is #50 on the waitlist for 3rd grade. This sibling must (by law) be given "sibling preference," so she moves up to the top of the 3rd grade waitlist (or near the top; there may be other siblings ahead of her). Therefore, if your 3rd grade child had started at #49, s/he will now be bumped down to #50.

  • Siblings of currently enrolled learners are granted priority status on our waitlists. Sibling priority will take effect immediately when the applicant's sibling is a currently enrolled learner. Sibling priority for an applicant whose sibling was just offered a spot does not receive priority status until the "offered" sibling's final enrollment paperwork has been submitted and they have been officially enrolled in the school.