At Incito Schools, our goal is to discover, expand, and honor the unique gifts that each of our students exhibit.  Incito Schools is committed to providing each student with an educational program designed to maximize his or her individual creativity and potential.  As parents and educators, we understand that every child is unique, and diversity in the educational practices that are implemented is essential to meeting the needs of each student.  A continuum of research validated services and strategies support rigorous, individualized learning for each of the students at Incito.  

The gifted program at Incito Schools builds on the universal Common Core Standards by enriching the curriculum with goals to promote individual student creativity through learning.  To support each of the gifted domains (verbal, non-verbal, and quantitative), the gifted services at Incito incorporate technology, hands-on learning experiences, and problem solving opportunities to enhance the talents of our gifted students.  The Individual Learning Plan for each gifted student is based on the belief that knowledge, creative thinking skills, and motivation are essential components to enhancing a student’s creativity.  Through creativity, gifted students utilize their complex, high-level problem solving skills to reach a maximum level of potential, resulting in increased achievement and success.

Incito Schools provides Special Education services to support students in demonstrating mastery of the universal Common Core Standards.  Based on the belief that all students can and will learn, we take pride in utilizing the expertise of our staff to provide individualized educational practices based solely on the needs of each individual learner.  We are committed to ensuring that students attending Incito receive the educational, intellectual, and social/emotional supports needed to reach each student’s maximum level of potential.  Through various models of support implementation (inclusion, small group interventions, or individual interventions) rigorous student IEP goals close learning gaps to guide each student to success in their educational journey.  Although the path for each learner is unique, our commitment is to differentiate teaching practices, utilizing a tiered instructional model, to establish the most effective means of meeting the needs of each learner in the least restrictive environment.

Patrick Hauan has had a wide variety of experiences working with exceptional learners. Based on multiple experiences in his life, Patrick has developed a passion for working with learners and their families. Patrick has worked with learners of all ages and ability levels, and brings a unique skill-set to his position. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Special Education from Winona State University, a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership from Saint Mary's University, and his Principal and Director of Special Education License from Saint Mary's University. Patrick grew up and attended college in Minnesota. His family recently moved to the West Valley and are enjoying their time in Arizona.

Patrick has a desire and passion to engage learners and work collaboratively with families. He believes that each learner has the ability to learn and grow to their highest potential. He is excited to see the impact Incito Schools has on each learner, and how each learner will impact their peers, families, and communities.

 Patrick Hauan - Director of Learner Services

Patrick Hauan - Director of Learner Services