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Dr. April Black

Amanda Jelleson

Dr. April Black and Amanda Jelleson have a combined over 40 years in education and have worked with schools of high need in low-income areas. Their experiences include teaching, instructional coaching, school administration, professional development coordinators, and instructional specialists.  Dr. April Black and Amanda Jelleson hold bachelor’s degrees in Elementary Education, master’s degrees in educational leadership, Reading Endorsements, and ESL Endorsements. Dr. April Black has a PhD as a Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership with Emphasis in Christian Ministries. Amanda Jelleson is currently working toward obtaining a PhD. 


The two incorporating board members, Dr. April Black and Amanda Jelleson have a passion for high-quality education and would like to offer that education and school choice in the city of Goodyear. Dr. April Black and Amanda Jelleson have supported lower performing school districts in high poverty areas through federally funded grants and teacher incentive programs. During her time as a school administrator, Dr. April Black was influential in the success of a Math and Science focused school. With her leadership and expertise, she led this innovative school to an Excelling label which the school district proudly promoted. As a school administrator, Amanda Jelleson implemented learner intervention programs and unique attendance programs that led the school out of school improvement. These programs served as a model for the entire school district and received district awards. 


This work, and past educational experiences, has fueled their passion to create a charter school to meet the needs of Goodyear families. Dr. April Black and Amanda Jelleson recognized that there was not a school of choice for learners and families near
the Goodyear area and shared the same drive to offer learners a quality education.  Through many educational experiences in the surrounding area and extensive dialogue, Dr. April Black and Amanda Jelleson cultivated a vision for a school that will establish a standard for education excellence, where all learners will achieve their potential and collaboratively contribute to their local and global communities. It is their mission to provide a vigorous, relevant, college preparatory environment to ensure that all learners have meaningful options for life and succeed—academically, emotionally, physically, and socially.

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