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Bethany Lese

Bethany Lese loves being a part of the Incito family. Bethany has over 14 years of experience in working with children, seven years as a Neurologic Music Therapist and seven years in the public-school education system. She is excited to be starting her 8 th year teaching at Incito schools. Throughout her role as an educator, Bethany has had the wonderful opportunity to have served as an educator for 1 st grade and in her current role as 2nd grade Educator. Bethany is also the Incito Schools NJHS chapter advisor and directs the Incito Schools choir. She holds a bachelor’s degree in music therapy from The University of Iowa and a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction design from Arizona’s own Grand Canyon University.

Bethany was born and raised in Iowa and after her own schooling decided to adventure out to Arizona. She has lived in Arizona for 14 years and enjoys the warm/mild winters. She is married to a wonderful man who is also an Arizona educator. They enjoy adventuring throughout the
United States and national parks during the summer. Bethany feels truly blessed to call Incito home and finds great fulfillment in seeing learner’s grow. She understands all learners are unique and works hard to ensure each learner receives learning opportunities tailored to their
specific learning needs and strengths.

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