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Carolyn Meeks

Carolyn Meeks finds absolute joy being a part of the Incito family! Having over 15 years experience in public school education, Carolyn is excited to be starting her 9th year teaching at Incito Schools. Throughout her role as an educator, Carolyn has had the amazing opportunity to have served as an educator for 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, 4th Grade, and in her current role the 3-4th Grade ELA and Social Studies education teacher. She holds a Bachelor's degree in education from Pacific Lutheran University located in Washington State. Carolyn has had the opportunity to be Incito Schools trained specialist in AZELLA, which focuses on ESL learners and growing their education. Additionally, she enjoys influencing learners to be creative and develop critical thinking skills building creations during LEGOS I-Time. Carolyn is an amazing educator who won the award of Goodyear's Top Teacher of the Year in 2019!  


Carolyn was born in New Mexico, and has traveled around the world while her father served in the Air Force. After living in Washington, she moved back to Arizona in 2004. Carolyn is blessed with being a mother to two beautiful daughters, one who is a pilot, while the other one is in 6th Grade and has been attending Incito Schools since Kindergarten. Carolyn fills her ARFF by spending time traveling and hanging out with her family, reading, creating art, and staying active at the gym. Carolyn is incredibly honored to work at Incito Schools where she enjoys engaging with learners, families, and the school community. She is a devoted educator who loves to give back and support her learners and is committed to making sure all learners that pass through her room know they are loved, well educated, and supported.

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