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Angela Gaspar

Angela Gaspar is a dedicated educator, working only at Incito schools since the beginning of her teaching career. She has been an Educator with Incito for 10 years! In her time, she has taught Kindergarten, 2nd grade, a multi-grade level classroom K-4 and is currently teaching Math and Science for 3rd and 4th grade. Angela Gaspar has a degree in early childhood and elementary education from Winona State University.


Mrs. Gaspar was born and grew up in Minnesota. She fell in love with Arizona after visiting many times with her family and moved here to start a new chapter in her life. Angela Gaspar enjoys hiking, walking, and spending time outdoors. She also fills her ARFF by spending quality time with her husband, two bonus sons, and two young children. Her oldest daughter is currently attending Incito in Kindergarten! Angela Gaspar is a dedicated educator and life long learner. She comes every day ready to love learners without condition and support their growth.

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